Evening of Ensembles

“What a beautiful face of my homeland”

The Evening of Ensembles is the most picturesque and lively part of the Schoolchildren’s Song Festival, its most mobile and merriest event. Over five thousands of festival participants dance, play music, sing and play games. Here one can see and hear a lot of styles and genres, a lot of gems of folklore. Almost every corner of the country is represented by a song, or a polyphonic song, a dance or a game. All songs most often are performed in the local dialect accompanied by a host of musicians playing various folk instruments. Archaic Lithuanian songs and dances as though taken from the grandmothers’ or great-grandmothers’ coffers will be performed. The participants’ traditional costumes will also attract attention by their varied colours and patterns. Various authentic headpieces, skirts, aprons, men’s jackets, naginės,(kind of bast shoes made from leather), and clogs can be seen only at the Evening of Ensembles, which that evening becomes a live open-air museum of folk art. The repertoire comprises not only old and popular songs and dances performed by ensembles but also many new ones that were created especially for the Evening of Ensembles.

Choreographer Vytautas Buterlevičius, leader of the Evening of the Ensembles, author of the scenario and chief conductor, says that he is happy that “young people foster national art not only with enthusiasm and responsibility but also with great love.”