Dance day

“My Land”

Schoolschilden’s festival’s Dance Day “My Land” the most important goal is to reveal a growing, maturing human and natural paralels between him and the past, present and future. Through music and dance, we touch the primordial existence, sacred land, its interface with the bird, tree and water in our traditional outlook.

Živilė Adomaitienė, the artistic leader and chief choreographer of Dance Day, has headed this event many times. According to her, this time the dance repertoire is rather varied and complicated and should be interesting to both the spectators and the dancers. They will dance not only folk, classical and contemporary dances; groups of street and modern dances will also take part. Sport dances will be performed for the first time in the history of Dance Day. Dance compositions that have been performed many times and are popular with audiences and dancers themselves will be performed, as will completely new ones that have been created for the 2016 dance festival. The impression of Dance Day will be strengthened by many different groups; there will be many joint performances, which are well directed and rendered. Very many artists are creating the Dance Day format to make it exciting for the participants and spectators.

Every period in which we live person, nation, humanity has to leave to future generations their only land blooming, peaceful, full of sunlight and positive human creativity.