About festival

In Lithuania, the first Song Festival was held in Kaunas in 1924. Since 1964, Schoolchildren’s Song festivals have also been held. The Schoolchildren’s Song festivals have been the most popular and massive event of students, which, through art and culture, promotes folk and contemporary Lithuanian songs, dances, our traditions, folklore, fosters patriotism and LithuaniannessThey take place every four years on July 6, Statehood Day and the day of the coronation of the country’s only King Mindaugas.

Over twenty thousand schoolchildren took place in the latest festivals that attracted hundreds of thousands of spectators. They were attended by ambassadors and diplomats of many countries, distinguished state, art and cultural figures.

Schoolchildren’s Song festivals are always held under the aegis of the Lithuanian president. The 2016 festival with a laconic but very meaningful title, “Tu – mums viena” (You are the only one for us) will be led, as many times before, by Romualdas Kondrotas, director of the National M.K. Čiurlionis Art School. The festival’s emblem bears a stylised little bird in the colours of the state flag – yellow, green and red, that symbolises the unity of our country. The three colours as though remind us that the festival consists of the same number of separate different events – Song Day, Dance Day, and Day of Ensembles. Besides, the Schoolchildren’s Song Festival is always accompanied by many different events that make it even more attractive and colourful.